About Us

Sales Managers: Sheryl and Peter Tonkin

Peter and Sheryl Tonkin are responsible for all sales conducted in New Zealand. They will be attending a wide range of Agricultural Shows so you can easily identify their faces at the Advantage Feeders stand.

Sheryl and Peter have been a part of the Advantage Feeders team since April 2011, when which they met Gerard Roney the CEO of Advantage Feeders at the National Field Days in 2009. Sheryl and Peter are the main point of contact when it comes to sales, enquiries and individual customer follow up calls in New Zealand. Sheryl and Peter Tonkin

Farming in Matakohe, Northland Sheryl and Peter live with their son Daniel. Together they farm sheep, beef and rear dairy calves. Sheryl and Peter foresee Advantage Feeders flourishing towards the international market where Advantage Feeders will export to other promising country such as: Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina

Managing Director: Gerard Roney

Gerard Roney Advantage Feeders was started in 2006 by Gerard Roney. Gerard grew up as one of seven children on a sheep and cropping property. He developed his main product, the grain feeder, while he was studying at university. In 2005 Gerard bought 1000 ewes, and found that the feeders he bought could not offer a low enough ration. Gerard wanted to feed 250g/head/day, but the feeders only had one adjusting slide, and the lowest consistent ration he was able to feed was 600/head/day. The inability to feed a low ration meant that Gerard was finding the cost of feed and feeding very expensive, and was struggling to find the time to constantly feed the sheep.

Gerard spent 6 months making and testing prototypes featuring the Advanced Adjustment System that he had developed. His goal was to develop a system within grain feeders that would limit the sheep to accessing only what they could touch with their tongue at any one time. Gerard's trials indicated that sheep were leaving a feeder set to a low ration after about 5 minutes of feeding.

Gerard now spends the majority of his time developing new products and expanding internationally.

Advantage Feeders Spreading

Advantage Feeders developing products is a continual process at Advantage and every year since its inception, innovative products have been released. Advantage Feeders is continuing to expand across the New Zealand, Australia and UK. In 2013 Advantage Feeders is planning to sell products in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Canada and South Africa.


  • Advantage Feeders' business structure allows us to deliver the most cost effective products to our clients. We pass on savings to our customers, selling the best value product range on the market.
  • Advantage Feeders offer FREE delivery to 40 Mainfreight and Owens depots across New Zealand. We do this by building in freight into our pricing. We are proud to be the only company in the industry to do this.
  • We flat-pack our Feeders and pass on cheaper freight and assembly costs to the customer worldwide.
  • We mass produce and pass on savings from bulk buying power and economies of scale.