Cradle Hay Feeder

Cradle Hay Feeder

Cradle Hay Feeder

Assembled Dimensions:

1850 x 900 x 1380 (LxHxW)

Flat-packed Dimensions:

1850 x 900 x 110 (LxHxW)


75 kg

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Note: this product is not suitable for horses or cattle between the ages of 6 and 18 months. Advantage Feeders recommends the Tray Hay Feeders for cattle and horses.

Waste Saving

  • The hay or silage is contained within the sides of the Cradle Hay Feeder. This prevents the feed from being wasted by trampling, soiling and urine.
  • The design of the Cradle Hay Feeder has a floor that holds the bales off the ground by 200mm. This reduces the waste that the ground can cause to feed. The floor has 6 holes in the bottom of it to allow moisture to drain from it. The floor also prevent the majority of the hay falling onto the ground.
    CHF1 Drainage Holes
  • Round bales have a natural draining ability when they are placed in an upright position. This means that the hay or silage can be in outdoor conditions for longer compared to bales that are on their side. This longevity is further enhanced because the top of the bales are eaten last.
  • The Cradle Hay Feeder has an optional attachment, the Hay Feeder Roof, to better reduce waste from rain.

    CHF1 with HRF


Less Waste:

  • Bale is raised off the ground
  • Optional roof for keeping rain out
  • Bale positioned in the feeder so that the rain naturally drains from it

Easy to use:

  • no Front End Loader required for loading
  • can move whilst hay is in it


  • sheep, lambs, calves and cattle can feed from it
  • sheep are able to finish whole bale
  • Can be used to feed hay and silage


  • It is significantly stronger than other products on the market

Loading methods

Roll loading method

The Cradle Hay Feeder end panels have rounded sides. This allows the feeder to be placed on the bale, tied on and then pulled back into loaded position, and no front-end-loader is required to load the feeders. This gives the farmer more flexibility in circumstances where properties are separated by distance. The feeders can also simply be loaded by rolling round bales of the sides of utilities or trailers.

Loading with Front End Loader

The Cradle Hay Feeder can also be loaded by a FEL by putting a bale in from the top.

Moving the Cradle Hay Feeder


The Cradle Hay Feeder comes standard with two 75mm wide skids. These allow the feeder to be towed in wet and dry conditions. The skids have a bar between them with 2 loops which allows a rope or chain to be attached to them for towing.

CHF1 Skidding CHF1 Skidding CHF1 Skidding

Front End Loader:

FEL’s can pick up Cradle Hay Feeder with hay in it and move it. The tines on the FEL have to pierce the hay and the feeder has to be strapped to the bale.

Flat Packing Feeder

The ability of flat packing has a double saving effect:

  1. transport costs; and
  2. assembly costs.

The transport costs are dramatically reduced because each feeder is flat-packed into a space of 1850 x 915 x 100 mm. Assembly costs are also saved, the assembly of the Cradle Hay Feeders usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes.