Hay Feeder Roof

Hay Feeder Roof Hay Feeder Roof

Assembled Dimensions:

1400 x 200 x 1000 (LxHxW)

Flat-packed Dimensions:

1400 x 30 x 700 (LxHxW)


30 kg

(roof only)

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No injury to stock

The sides of the roof sections have safety folds on the sheet metal. These folds ensure there is no sharp edge present that could potentially harm stock.

HFR No Injury To Stock


  • The Bale Jail Hay Feeder Roof can protect hay from most of the rain that can fall on the bales.
  • Depending on the time of year, hay can be damaged by rain on a daily basis.
  • If the stock are going to take more than a couple days to finish a whole bale, this can be a great investment.

Flat-packed Hay Feeder Roof

The ability of flat packing has a double saving effect:

  1. transport costs; and
  2. assembly costs.

The transport costs are dramatically reduced because each feeder is flat-packed into a space of 1850 x 915 x 100 mm.