2 Year Warranty

You can rest assured that any investment will be used for many years. Advantage Feeders is the only manufacturer that offers a 2 year warranty - the products will be able to be used for their purpose, provided that they are treated and used in a reasonable manner with non corrosive feeds. We can offer this because we know our products last much longer than this period.

Easy steps to buying

1) Order

Order by contacting Peter and Sheryl Tonkin.
Phone: 09 431 7276

2) Invoice

Invoice sent out by email, fax or post: containing Advantage Feeders postal address and banking details

3) Payment

Payment can be made by cheque, internet banking, or electronic transfer

4) Delivery

A Delivery Date and Consignment Number (for quoting when picking up feeders from your local Main Freight depot) provided by email, fax, or over the phone.

Feeders are dispatched and delivered to your closest Main Freight depot. The Main Freight depot will also call you when the feeders have arrived.

Price Strategy

Everyday low prices

Advantage Feeders have the same price all year round. You can be confident that whenever you want to purchase a product, you know you are receiving the best price.

Discount on purchasing multiple units

When farmers buy multiply units, it reduces some costs and Advantage Feeders passes this on to farmers. See the Price Table.

Discounts operate for past and present purchases

Advantage Feeders understands that our customers have irregular cash flow throughout the year. The multiply unit discount operates cumulatively so farmers don’t need to commit more than they feel comfortable with at any time. For example, if farmers buy 1 feeder each purchase, by they time they have a total of 3 feeders, they will buy the 3rd feeder at the discounted price and the previous 2 purchases will then have the discount taken off this purchase.

No-one can buy Advantage Feeders cheaper than what you can

Advantage Feeders sells direct to customers so you will not have to haggle with several re-sellers to obtain the best price.

Best Value

The numerous benefits and multiply uses that are unique to Advantage Feeders makes the product range easily the best value on the market.

Price Table

Products Total Order Quantity
1 to 3 4 to 7 8 to 11 12+
$2950+GST $2930+GST $2920+GST $2910+GST
$2650+GST $2630+GST $2620+GST $2610+GST
$4500+GST $4480+GST $4470+GST $4460+GST
$3700+GST $3680+GST $3670+GST $3660+GST
$600+GST $600+GST $600+GST $600+GST
$450+GST $450+GST $450+GST $450+GST
$300+GST $300+GST $300+GST $300+GST
$1300+GST $1280+GST $1270+GST $1260+GST
$850+GST $830+GST $820+GST $810+GST
$1400+GST $1380+GST $1370+GST $1360+GST
$350+GST $350+GST $350+GST $350+GST
$100+GST $100+GST $100+GST $100+GST

The Creep Panels (for lamb creep feeding) are provided standard with all Advantage Feeders.

The "Total order quantity" includes all past and present purchases of Advantage Feeders products. This excludes the following attachments: CG1, CG2, HFR.

Example: if a customer has purchased 2x 3800 + 3x CHF1 + 3x SGHF (8 feeders), the prices of the respective feeders is in the column 8-11 of the "Total ordered purchased".